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This is a conversion kit for the Ender 5 Plus to MGN12 Linear Rails, 450mm long x 3 and 3 x MGN12H linear blocks. Get a pack of 100, you will need a bunch of them. You will also need a bunch of M3 12mm long screws, button head or normal socket head cap screw. Each rail has 18 mounting holes, so you will need 54 screws and 54 T-nuts. Ender 3 CoreXY conversion / VKing Hybrid Build. I run a highly customized Ender 3 with yellow springs, upgraded bowden tube and fittings, aluminum extruder feeder, glass bed, petsfang duct, filament runout sensor, Z lead screw stabilizer, Z stepper mount shim and BLTouch v3 all on a MKS v1.3 board with TMC2208 stepper drivers, running Klipper.

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